The ultimate in deep relaxation

With Louise Beker, one of New Zealand’s most experienced Hot Stone practitioners

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Fabulous treatments! Fabulous Prices!

Louise draws on over twenty years of training, research, and experience in achieving optimum Mind/Body/Spirit health and wellbeing through bodywork.

Whether it’s deep tissue, relaxation, remedial or Hot Stone massage, Louise is a highly experienced practitioner who has been delivering fabulous results since 2003. Clients absolutely love her treatments.

Now based in beautiful Taupo, New Zealand, Louise can provide you with a beautiful and highly effective bodywork solution. So whether you are a busy mum, sportsperson, you’re under stress, pregnant, physically in need of ‘panelbeating’, convalescing from illness, processing grief, having a major life transition, or you simply want a beautiful indulgent treatment… there is a wonderful solution here for you.

istock_not_stones & leafFloat away for up to two hours of bliss and escapism with a comprehensive Hot Stone Massage; pop in for an hour of remedial and therapeutic massage to iron out those niggly problems with shoulders, back, neck, or legs; have a relaxing massage; a clearing and rebalancing treatment for your energy field and chakra system; or receive some ‘light therapy’ with the Swiss ‘Bioptron’ light technology.

Located in Taupo just a few minutes drive from the centre of the town. Park with complete ease, arrive with minimal stress, and float back out to the big wide world feeling refreshed and alive again.